What we do


  • Document retrieval, at the client facilities;
  • Computerized classification, contabilization and cost imputations of documents;
  • individual checking accounts;
    • Clients;
    • Suppliers;
    • Banks;
    • State and fiscal administration(IRS-IRC);
    • IVA;
  • Computation and emission of IVA payment documents;
  • Analitical Monthly balance sheets;
  • Individual Checking accounts balance sheets;
  • Master Balance sheets;
  • Monthly const and revenue analysis;
  • Analysis of fiscal incidence on cumulative results;
  • Management of official books and all fiscal documents;
  • End-year fiscal and management works and balance.

Salary Processing

  • Computation of salary amounts and receipts;
  • Computation of vacancies sheets and Social security payments;
  • IRS Sheets Computation;
  • Computation of other taxes;
  • Year-end Computation of IRS forms;
  • Year-end Computation of income declarations.

Fiscal Assistance

Management Assistance